Top 15 Free Remote Collaboration Tools For 2023

In March, CEO David Solomon told Fortune that the company was asking employees to return to the office five days a week. In October, he told CNBC that about 65% of staffers were working in the office. Some executives and leaders believe productivity increases when workers are in the office together, while others hope to increase in-person collaboration. Some employers are taking extremes to get people back, tracking attendance or threatening to terminate workers who don’t comply.

It also has some excellent built-in features that aid in the creation of intelligent & well-structured documents. Plus, with a variety of customizable layouts & custom templates, it’s simple to tailor it to meet a variety of requirements. Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool for team communication & collaboration that can be integrated with other Microsoft apps. Plus, the platform includes Apps, dashboards, presentations, & a live event feature to keep the entire team under one roof.

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Slack is yet another tool that you can deploy for business communication and collaboration, regardless of where your teams are located. Teams of every shape and size around the world that are working remotely have made it their staple collaboration software. ProProfs LMS is a cloud-based SaaS that makes an ideal solution for online employee training anytime, anywhere. The software application comes complete with a virtual classroom and online discussion & collaboration platform. A well-stocked library and eLearning authoring capability ensure that you have access to the courses, tests, and exams you need.

When Jacobs, an engineering services company, wanted to find a better solution to organize resources that were spread out across multiple platforms, they turned to Mural. Jacobs credits Mural with streamlining their workflows and creating a faster onboarding process. With a thorough knowledge base available, employees can get the answers they need without having to search extensively to find them or ask someone else.

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In terms of collaborative hardware, ViewBoards are collaboration displays specifically designed with teamwork in mind. ViewBoard interactive flat panels like the ViewSonic IFP 7550 offer the ability to import files, make on-screen annotations, conduct video conferencing, record live, and save all on-screen content. While ViewBoards are geared towards group collaborations in meetings, in a remote collaboration setting, they could be used as a means of facilitating remote collaborations from one centralized device.

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Now working as an in-house psychologist, he is especially passionate about helping individuals and teams in overcoming the challenges of the digital era. Depending on how your communications are set up, a request in the appropriate chat channel or an email might be enough to get you what you’re asking for. There’s no way to guarantee your team members will read your messages right away. If you have an international team with members in different countries and time zones, they almost certainly won’t be able to get back to you at the same time.

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This is not just about slang and shorthand, but also about which word processor to use, which tone to use in official communications, and which format to use in internal memos. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to jump straight into the facilitation of remote collaboration without thinking a few things through first. The underlying factors that will aid in your ultimate success are well worth the discipline and consideration you’ll need to put into them. After buying Twitter in October, Musk told employees in November that not showing up to an office when they’re able to was the same as a resignation, The Verge reported. In June 2022, Tesla employees were notified of a mandatory return-to-office policy. On April 23, 2023, real estate company Redfin announced an updated return-to-office policy via a memo from CEO Glenn Kelman.

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VR-Controlled Robot Allows for Remote Collaboration – VR ….

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