Product Identification:
1. All products are properly identified at the bog so that the product maintains its identity through the entire process.
2. Grower or bog identification is assigned prior to harvest.

Container (bin) Identification:
1. At harvest, a bin tag is placed on the bin prior to being transported to the packhouse.
2. Bin tag has a lot designation, block number designation (if applicable), date of harvest, grower name, and varietal name.

Packhouse Records:
A receiving record is made at the warehouse. A storage designation is noted, recorded, and properly maintained.

1. Is scheduled and the lot identification is maintained and recorded on the final container along with the variety, packing date, quantity and quality information.
2. Identity is maintained at shipping point and noted on the shipping record.
3. The shipping record is placed in a proper file for that shipment and the file is maintained at the packhouse.